#SavetheDate NPL Meeting 2019

Savethedate on September 26th I am going to present a workshop at Banca IFIS‘ NPL Meeting

The NPL Meeting workshops represent a unique opportunity to analyze the dynamics of the NPL world and to discuss what the future of deteriorated credit will hold for us.

Workshops will take place in two highly prestigious locations on Venice Lido: the Excelsior Hotel and the Palazzo del Cinema. A clear and well-defined format: September 26 will be entirely dedicated to workshops, moments of reflection lasting an hour and distributed across three time slots. Between one time slot and another, participants will have 15 minutes to move between the two hosting structures, which are adjacent to one other.

The topic I am going to cover is

The workshop will take place in 2 time slots 2:30 PM – 3:30 PM and 5:00 PM – 6:00

In order to attend the workshop you need to register to the main event at this link 

Then you will be allowed to access the workshop page where you can book by clicking on the appropriate button as showed below.

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