T6 Next event on Foreclosures

#Savethedate – Rome 3 December 2018 – T6 Association is going to held its annual event on Foreclosures and Real Estate.

ASSOCIAZIONE T.S.E.I. – stands for  “Tavolo di Studio sulle Esecuzioni Italiane” and is a think thank working on the assessment of efficiency and efficacy of Italian legal system with a focus on different timing of foreclosures across italian Courts.

A special report on Courts Timing will be presented during the event.

This year I am going to chair a panel on UTP (Unlikely To Pay) Exposures. The discussion will be introduced by a speech of Paolo Angelini – Vice Capo del Dipartimento Vigilanza bancaria e finanziaria, Banca d’Italia.

The panelists will be:

  • Angelo Peppetti – Ufficio Crediti, ABI ,
  • Guido Lombardo – Chief Investment Officer, Credito Fondiario,
  • Fabio Pettirossi – Responsabile Direzione UTP/PD, S.G.A.
  • Andrea Battisti, Head of NPL Operations & Recovery, BIP/illimity

Link to Register 

Event Website

Event Flyer

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